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Cataloguing / Material Master

All materials purchased by PHE WMO through the PO must have a Material Number. Thus it would be very easy to find out the Purchase History, makes variety Reports, Inventory and Invoicing.

PHE WMO using a numbering system that refers to Pertamina Material Identification Code (KIMAP). All Material Number on PHE WMO consists of 9 digits, where the 3rd and 4th digits declare Material Main Group of the item.
Besides numbering materials, cataloger also standardize the writing of the material description so that all related parties (users, suppliers, warehouseman) clearly know the item. It can reduce any potential rejected materials by our warehouseman due to supplier can’t get clear specification from our PO .

On our SAP Material Master, user can find online catalog featuring a supporting document from the material.

Supporting document in the form Catalog, MSDS, picture, statement letter from manufacture to change Part Number, etc.


The language of cataloging however is still English.

To find the material that users need, a user can use the Materials Search transaction on SAP and search the item by item name, manufacture, part number or class. If user can’t find it, user have to request new Material Number thru Material Master Request Tool (MMRT). MMRT is a tool that guide user in providing proper & accurate information according to the standard rules & procedures, to be maintained as material master data. Benefit of MMRT :

  • User is guided by standard rule and procedure in creating request
  • Clear & complete specification for material master data maintenance
  • Clear & complete information for warehouse stock data
  • Prevent rework caused by inaccurate/ incomplete information material requirement
  • Prevent new MN creation which will never be purchase
  • Decrease Lead Time
  • Prevent MN duplication
  • Easy tracking material master data maintenance request document
  • Easy stock requirement identification
  • Online tool using intranet for easier access

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